Jyväskylä, Finland
Favorite Pandora songs: The Naked Sun, This Could Be Heaven, Crazy Way About You, Close to You, Work.
Runs a Pandora fan page. (https://vastaranta.net/pandora)
Fun fact: He set up a Pandora-themed escape room for his 40th birthday.

Oskari Kiiski has the world’s biggest Pandora cd collection – “The sentimental value is priceless”

26 albums
73 singles
+ 3 in-store albums
= 102 items in total (and counting).

That is presumably the world’s biggest Pandora cd collection owned by Oskari Kiiski.

– At least I have never heard of anyone with a larger collection, Oskari Kiiski says.

The collection started back in 1995 when he had 109 Finnish marks in his wallet.

– I bought Tell the World cd from Prisma shopping center, and it cost exactly 109 marks. It was a risky investment for a teen because I had only heard one song so far, but it surely paid off.

The song Oskari is referring to is The Naked Sun.

– I think she performed it on a Finnish music show called Hot Hit. The song was something very different and still one of my biggest favorites.

“I’ll take them to the grave with me”

The first single Oskari bought was A Little Bit in 1996 but collecting became more serious in 2004.

– That is when I started to have a bit more money to spend and it was also easier to find them online. My intention was never to have the largest Pandora collection, but it just happened.

Oskari has bought his items mainly from Discogs and eBay and he has found some from second-hand shops.

– The median value of my collection on Discogs is 700 euros, but the sentimental value is priceless. This collection will never be on sale. I’ll take them to the grave with me, Oskari jokes.

The most expensive individual item he has ever bought is A Love Like This single.

– It was a promotional single in Japan and that makes it rare. One of my favorite items is You Drive Me Crazy single because it has an awesome extended version.

“As a collector, you need to have goals”

One of the interesting items Oskari owns is an old promo cd by Virgin Records Sweden called Up North. It contains four Melodie MC songs and two tracks by Pandora.

– It is the first promo of Trust Me and also has a track called: “Hooks, Excerpts, Bits & Pieces” which is a mix that contains samples of Another Party, One of a Kind, Get Your Chance and Join Me. It is very interesting and does not include any rapping.

Oskari even owns three in-store-play albums that Universal Music Japan delivered to the music stores.

– They played these albums in music stores. It was interesting to notice that they had included two Aqua songs in the middle of This Could Be Heaven sampler. It seems like they tried to use Pandora’s fame to promote Aqua too.

Oskari also owns some vinyl records and cassettes, and his cd collection is still not complete.

– As a collector, you need to have goals.

The collection is displayed on his crafting room wall.

– Pandora commented my post on Pandora Lovers group and said she would like to see the collection one day. She is welcome anytime.

“I might have shed a few happy tears”

For his 40th birthday party Oskari set up a Pandora themed escape room for his guests.

– It was called Pandora’s Box. The clues for opening the boxes and locks came from all the Pandora CDs in the room. I had so much fun planning it and the guests enjoyed it a lot too.

In 2006, Oskari participated in Miss Drag Queen contest at DTM nightclub in Helsinki.

– I obviously decided to impersonate Pandora and perform Trust Me on stage.

Pandora has always been Oskari’s #1.

– I love how she appreciates her Eurodance roots, and it is impressive how she interacts with her audience, especially with the fans.

Oskari would have many experiences of his own to share.

– My first Pandora show was supposed to happen in Mikkeli in early 2000s. My cousin and I were so excited, and we emailed to Pandora. Unfortunately, the gig was cancelled for some reason, but later Pandora emailed us and apologized for not being able to come after all. Who else does that.

Eventually Oskari got to see his first Pandora gig in 2006 at a club called Fever in Helsinki.

– I might have shed a few happy tears, and my friends won’t let me forget it.

Oskari Kiiski has an impressive collection of Pandora CDs.

Oskari’s collection includes rarities such as the first Trust Me promo and samplers from Japan.

Pandora and Oskari at Tour De Kamppi event in Helsinki in 2019.

Oskari surprised his birthday guests with a super cool Pandora escape room.