EGiM x Pandora – More (Official WFC 2020 Theme)

EGiM x Pandora – More (Official WFC 2020 Theme) cover

Artists: Every Green in May, Pandora
Featuring artist: TAKOMO
Duration: 3.39
Composer: Olli Tasala, Mikko P. Mustonen
Lyricist: Olli Tasala
Arranger: Mikko P. Mustonen, Olli Tasala
Producer: Mikko P. Mustonen
Co-producer: Olli Tasala

Pandora ”MORE”

When I first was presented to ”More” I immediately thought it was a wonderful and powerful song. It had that special ”something” I wanted to explore and dedicate my all to. Music and sport have a lot in common when it comes to unite people and set new levels. Its a great honour to have been asked to represent a special and important moment like the World Championship in floorbandy. Last time I’d represent a song within the sport area was for the Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan 1998.

This time I’ll do it together with WFC2020, EGiM and Takomo in my second home country that I love so much. Finland – We’re MORE than one!

Anneli PANDORA Magnusson

MORE Lyric video

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