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There was never any real doubt that Anneli Magnusson would end up in the music industry. However, no one could have guessed the genre – techno/eurodance. When he started her musical journey as a young singer/songwriter in Sweden, the country vibe and special love for American folk music was so evident.

Her breakthrough happened in Sweden, Finland and the rest of the world right after the release of his first single “Trust Me” in 1993. It became the best-selling single in Sweden that year and made Pandora “a pioneer of its genre”. This was the beginning of Pandora’s international career, and she released one hit single after another. Several songs, such as “Trust me”, “One of us”, “Tell the world”, “Don’t you know”, “A little bit”, “Come on and do it”, “Don’t worry”, “Smile n’ shine”, “This could be heaven” just to name a few. Six of these singles were found in the European Top 100, a total of 6 million albums sold, of which 21 have sold gold and some platinum.

Worthy of mention is “Let your spirit fly”, the official German theme song for the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics and Pandora’s latest single MORE, the second of Pandora’s Olympic collaborations at the 2021 World Floorball Championships in Helsinki with Every Green In May and TAKOMO.

In 2021, Pandora and Teflon Brothers participated together in the UMK 2021 event with their song “I Love you”, which reached number 2 on Spotify and the Finnish singles list! The fastest Spotify riser in UMK’s history!

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