Pandora x Teflon Brothers compete in the Finnish UMK 20.2.2021

I am in UMK 2021 because this time I was asked by The Teflon Brothers. We met quickly at a gig some years ago and I remember it as fun and warm chemistry. I’m in a good place in my private life.

Career-wise I’ve been ready for a real challenge. Making it to the semifinal in The Masked Singer 2020 was the first step that direction. After more than 25 years touring the world at the same time as the finnish roads, and the past seven years with my finnish fiancee by my side. What challenge is both challenging and honorable at the same time? And what gives a better chance to show my love and respect to Finland than compete for you in Eurovision. In particular with a song called I LOVE YOU.

Our song I LOVE YOU is out on Friday!