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Download Zoom Meeting or invite me to Your event! All concepts can be customized (choose swe or eng speaking language) Most concepts are recommended for 15-40 min. Longer on demand.

Choose from these concepts or together we create Your own chosen theme.

After work mood. Fun mix of Pandora songs, sharing stories and acoustic ”sing a long”

Pandora Party Happy, uptempo eurodance! Pandora and her hits will bring you back to the 90’s!

Pick a theme from Pandora’s world. Fun and entertaining! 90’s, Eurovision, Peacock, Country! Pandora has many colours!

Let’s have a Swedish fika! Morning and afternoon coffee break is almost a holy moment in Swedish culture. A time to relax and talk whilst enjoying a cup of coffee and yummy pastry. Take the opportunity to wish a song or maybe ask something?

Pandora's real name is Anneli Magnusson. Hear Anneli sharing the highlights and dramatic life behind Pandora's career mixed with selfwritten songs. ”Trust Me-who can you trust?” is a colorful story how the young Swedish talented country singer Anneli became the international Technoqueen superstar Pandora.

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