Berlin, Germany
Pandora fan since -95.
First Pandora show: album release party for Changes in Berlin.

Stephan met Pandora at Planet Hollywood Berlin in 1997 – “There were only journalists, people from her label and me”

In 1995 Stephan Humbek was watching a former German TV channel called Elf 99, and a clip from Pandora’s Tell the World music video flashed through his eyes.

– Wow, I love this song. Who is this singer, I asked myself. I hoped that they would play it again, and eventually they did. During this time, I worked in a music shop and ordered her fantastic Tell the World album to myself, Stephan Humbek recalls.

At that time Stephan was already a big fan of Swedish music in general.

– I am a very big Roxette, Gyllene Tider, ABBA and E-Type fan, but Pandora is something different, something special.

“Only 3 days later I got a letter back from her”

Two years later, Stephan read about Pandora’s album release party for Changes. The event was hosted at Planet Hollywood Berlin. He entered a contest to win a ticket to the party – and won.

– There were only journalists, people from her record label Universal Music Germany, and me as the only fan. I was standing right in front of her during the concert. I was so happy but nervous and my knees felt weak.

After the show, Stephan met Pandora and asked her to sign Tell the World and Changes albums for him.

– I said “tack så mycket” in Swedish and she looked straight into my eyes, smiled, and replied: “bitteschön” in German. Unfortunately, I was so nervous that I forgot to ask for a photo together.

After the special evening Stephan wrote to Pandora’s fan club in Sweden and requested his personal letter to be delivered to Pandora.

– At that point, I didn’t know that Anneli herself maintained the fan club, and only three days later I got a letter back from her. Since then, I’ve written her so many e-mails, and she has always answered me directly and called me her industrious letter writer, Stephan laughs.

“It was a very special thing for me as a German fan”

Later in 1997 Pandora performed her new single, The Sands of Time, on the German ARD tv show called ‘Die Ersten im Ersten’. Stephan was lucky to be able to witness that performance in the live audience.

– She had the girls from the Swedish group Popsie as her backing vocalists and dancers. They smiled and waved at me because I held a small sign for Pandora. Unfortunately, this was the last time since I have seen Pandora live on stage.

The Winter Olympics were held in Nagano in 1998. The German ARD requested Pandora to perform the official theme song for the German Olympic Team.

– It was a very special thing for me as a German fan, and Spirit to Win was a beautiful theme song.

Even though Stephan has not been able to see Pandora for years, he has followed her career closely as a loyal fan.

– I have also kept the merchandise from the ‘90s. I have Pandora Fanzines (fan club newsletters), VIP pass for her album release party, newspaper articles, Smile n Shine shirt, Tell the World t-shirt and a raincoat from the official Pandora fan club.

Stephan is currently struggling with an incurable illness. Both Pandora’s music and Anneli’s friendship have helped him significantly.

– To still meet her again and see her concert is my biggest wish. She has helped me in so many ways and situations. She is not only my absolute favorite singer and The Queen of Eurodance but also a dear friend. She is an angel.

Stephan Humbek has been a loyal Pandora fan since he first saw Tell the World music video on a German TV channel.

Changes was released in Germany in the summer of ‘97. That time managing director of Universal Germany Heinz Canibol awarded Pandora for her first 1 million sold records.