Vantaa, Finland
First Pandora gig: We Love the 90’s Festival in Helsinki, 2017.
Favorite Pandora albums: Tell the World, Changes, This Could Be Heaven.
Fun fact: Petri has done a 2-hour Pandora Special radio show.

Pandora’s music took Petri to a whole other place – “Artists come and artists go, but she is here to stay”

– If I could listen to only one song for the rest of my life, it would be Pandora’s Don’t Let Me, Petri Murto says

That is a huge compliment coming from a radio host who is very passionate about music in general. In fact, Pandora’s Don’t Let Me even was the first song Petri Murto played on his radio debut in 2019.

– It was obvious that I wanted to start my 90s show with the Queen of Eurodance, and this song was an energetic one to start with.

Petri Murto hosts his radio show at Kaaosradio & Kuhan FM on Thursday nights, and Pandora is one of the most requested artists that plays frequently on the show.

– In addition to the biggest hits of the 90’s, I enjoy playing rare songs that the listeners might not have heard or songs that they might have forgotten. From Pandora’s discography, songs like Now and Love Don’t Need No Lies have received surprised and excited listener feedback because they are rare tracks to hear on the radio.

Petri defines music as his great love.

– I don’t even know where I would be without music. For example, when I was bullied at school, it was Pandora’s music that took me to a whole other place and offered me an escape.

“I wish I had been old enough to be there”

Petri’s love for Pandora ignited in early 1995 when he was watching the Finnish morning show, Huomenta Suomi, where Pandora was being interviewed.

– They showed her Don’t You Know music video, and I fell in love immediately.

Petri’s appreciation for Pandora has only grown stronger over the years.

– Nowadays I love the lyrics even more. When you listen to Pandora’s songs closely, even in the up-tempo songs like for example Everybody’s Livin’ It Up, there is always more to the song. Her lyrics are thought-provoking.

In Petri’s opinion Pandora’s high professionalism helped her stood out already in the ’90’s.

– Let’s think about Rantarock 1995 for example. Many artists did singback sets, some even playback, but what did Pandora, she brought a live band with her. I wish I had been old enough to be there.

It took until 2017 before Petri’s and Pandora’s paths finally crossed.

– My first Pandora gig was at We Love the 90’s festival in Helsinki. I also got to meet Pandora in person, and I’m so glad she turned out to be everything that I had imagined she would be, and I’ve had totally opposite experiences with some other artists.

“That was a match made in heaven”

Pandora’s participation in Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) together with Teflon Brothers was a major highlight for Petri.

– That was a match made in heaven for me. How I wished Finns had finally chosen something completely different to Eurovision. My wildest dream as a fan is that Pandora would invite Teflon Brothers to participate in Melodifestivalen with her. They make a fun combo, and a new hit would be guaranteed.

Petri Murto showed support to their UMK entry by doing a tribute show to one of his all-time favorite artists in January 2021.

– Up to this day, Pandora Special is still my most-listened episode ever, and it might have even been the first radio show ever dedicated to the Queen of Eurodance. It truly warmed my heart how amazing feedback I received from Pandora herself.

“Artists come and artists go”

For Pandora’s 30-year anniversary Petri is planning for a new radio show.

– It would be nice to have Anneli involved planning the episode somehow, and maybe get a chance to interview a former producer or a rapper.

Petri’s crystal ball predicts a very bright future for Pandora.

– Artists come and artists go, but she is here to stay. Pandora has always done everything from the heart and it has paid off. After 30 iconic years, she is free to do whatever she wants.

Petri is waiting for new music from Pandora.

– I am also looking forward to hearing her Anne Li album. I hope she releases on vinyl also. Actually, it would be amazing to have all her main albums on vinyl. And I hope she adds Don’t Let Me to her setlist. That would make the audience go wild, Petri smiles.

Petri met Pandora for the first time in 2017 in Helsinki.

Petri and the Queen of Eurodance. The picture was taken in Ii in 2019.