Nurmijärvi, Finland
First Pandora show: Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, 2012.
Pandora song she’d like to hear live: You Drive Me Crazy.
Fun fact: Mia has Pandora’s song title tattooed on her skin.

Pandora’s song gave Mia strength when she needed it most – “You Woke My Heart is my power song”

“You Woke My Heart” is a text forever inked on Mia Mäenpää’s skin. The song gave her a lot of strength in the past when she was struggling with depression.

– It was my power song then, and it still is. That is why I wanted to have the title of the song tattooed on my skin. It was important to me that it would be handwritten by Anneli, and I am glad she did it for me, Mia says.

Pandora’s music has always offered Mia hope and confidence to move forward in her life.

– In the past, there have been moments in my life when I’ve been trying to figure out which path to follow, and Pandora’s music has always given me the strength to move forward, regardless the direction.

“That night sparked new hope in me”

The fall of 2012 was a rough one for Mia.

– I fell into severe depression and completely isolated myself in my own shell, Mia recalls.

An advertisement of Pandora’s gig caught Mia’s attention twice that fall, and eventually she bought a ticket to the ‘90s festival in Helsinki.

– The moment the gig began and You Woke My Heart intro started playing, I felt that something amazing was about to enter my life and change it forever, and I’m still on that path.

Mia describes how she felt like she was in a completely different world without sadness or depression for a while.

– That night sparked new hope in me, and it is still there – even bigger than ever before.

After the show, Mia met Pandora for the first time.

– I don’t remember what we talked about, but I remember being nervous at first. I bought a Trust Me t-shirt and she gave me a signed Head Up High album for free. I was so taken by that.

After that significant night Mia has been to several Pandora shows. Every show has been special for its own reason.

– One gig that comes to my mind is Pandora’s show in Tampere in 2019. My mother had just passed away, but I had the ticket and it felt important to go because my mom knew how much Anneli and her music meant to me. The night gave me a lot of strength for the coming days.

“My son is a big Pandora fan”

Today Mia is a mother of a 5,5-year-old son Joona, a Pandora fan in second generation.

– Joona was only 1,5 years at hist first Pandora show. That was an event organized by the Kamppi shopping center in Helsinki.

Joona enjoys listening to Pandora’s music on YouTube and watching her UMK 2021 performance.

– His favorite song changes often, but there are many. He would really like to see Pandora live again. Unfortunately, gigs take place very late at night or the venues are not suitable for children, but hopefully one day there will be a kid-friendly concert again.

Mia still thinks that attending to Pandora’s show in 2012 was one of the best decisions in her life.

– Pandora’s music has this kind of energy that gives you incredible “superpowers” to believe in yourself, hope when you feel like there is none, and the kind of good vibes that you need every single day, Mia sums up.

Mia & Pandora after the magical show in Helsinki in 2012.

Mia has been to several Pandora shows.

Mia’s special tattoo is handwritten by Anneli.