Brisbane, Australia
Ultimate favorite Pandora song: Kiss Me Goodnight.
Pandora gigs: 5 in Finland and 4 in Australia.
Fun fact: travelled from Brisbane Australia to Kotka Finland for her first Pandora show.

Martina travelled thousands of kilometers to see Pandora – “I was so jetlagged it all felt like a dream”

When Pandora released A Little Bit in Australia, Martina Puntigam danced to the song at her high school’s open night.

– The version released in Australia (Double M’s Radio Edit) was very different. Nick Skitz sure did an amazing work on the track. It’s so upbeat and happy, a pure summer vibe song. Many years later, when I was a dance teacher, I choreographed this song for the 8–10-year-old group, and it made me so happy to see it performed on stage, Martina tells.

After her own performance in 1999, Martina ended up buying a Little Bit single for herself, and soon after that she purchased Smile ‘N Shine single and a few Pandora albums. The Blue album was lacking lyrics and the listener was advised to visit on Pandora’s webpage.

– That was a smart move. A whole new Pandora world was opened up to me, and I never looked back.

“The whole crowd was cheering for me”

In the early 2000s, Martina used to chat with other fans on the Pandora webchat and had become friends with Anneli online but seeing a Pandora gig seemed like a distant dream until 2013.

– I was talking a lot with Mia who had recently come into the Pandora fan area, we became friends, and she convinced me to travel and see a Pandora gig together. Just a couple months after saying ok, I was flying over.

Martina’s first journey to Finland happened in July 2013. She flew from Brisbane to Singapore where she had a 10-hour layover, then headed off to Paris and finally Helsinki.

– I was awake all day in Finland for the gig that night. I hardly slept while travelling because I went by myself and was crazy nervous.

Martina’s first Pandora show took place at Kotkan Meripäivät (Kotka Maritime Festival).

– It was incredible. I was so jetlagged it all felt like a dream. She gave me a shout out near the end of the gig and the whole crowd was cheering for me. That was really cool. The thing that blew my mind was how loved and appreciated she was.

Martina travelled back to Finland in 2014 to see three Pandora shows and in 2015 to see another.

– They are all very special to me for different reasons. I am very grateful for the three holidays I had there. I dream about returning all the time, but it’s not on the cards for me at the moment.

“Everyone went nuts, and I was so proud of her”

In 2017 Martina’s wish was granted when Pandora toured in Australia.

– It was a dream come true to see her in my own country. I got to see her once in Brisbane and three times in Sydney.

As one of the special memories Martina names the Luna Park gig.

– I was standing in the crowd and recording the audience reaction when A Little Bit started. Everyone went nuts, and I was so happy and proud of her. Then we zoomed off to the next gig that night in a more intimate venue and there she was dancing and interacting with the small but very happy crowd on the dancefloor. Completely different vibe but just as special, if not more, to me.

“The energy she radiates from the stage is infectious”

As for her favorite Pandora song Martina gives a long list of songs and laughs how it would be easier to list the ones that she doesn’t like.

– Kiss Me Goodnight has been a favorite since I first heard it. It’s only available on her Blue album which was a special release for Australia. Out of her entire catalogue there’s only two or three songs that I skip. That’s impressive.

In Pandora’s music, Martina appreciates the beat, the rawness in her voice, and she enjoys the storytelling songs.

– Her music makes me happy. By the way, when my friend Mia and I took a road trip from Gothenburg to Stockholm, we played nothing but Pandora. I think it was 100 songs in a row. We had a lot of fun singing along.

But what, in Martina’s opinion, is the secret for Pandora’s long career?

– I think there is an instant mood elevation when a Pandora song starts playing that you can’t help but be happy and jump around a little bit. It brings back memories of your younger years perhaps and just guarantees a good time. The energy that she radiates from the stage is so tangible and infectious that you are just right there in the moment: creating memories together and nothing else matters.

Martina travelled from Brisbane Australia to Kotka Finland to see her first Pandora gig.

Jysäri 2014. Martina lined up with the rest of the fans to get her treasured Blue booklet signed.

Martina and Anneli meeting in real life after 13 years of online contact and friendship.

Martina with her friends Anneli and Mia in 2013.

Martina was in high school when she first discovered Pandora.

Martina smiling and shining in Himos before Pandora’s show at Jysäri in 2014.