Pielavesi, Finland
First Pandora gig:
Giggling Marlin in Jyväskylä, 2008.
Pandora songs he’d like to hear LIVE: Love is a Stranger, Promise, Can’t Fake the Feeling, Ice Cream & Mr. Right.

Janne has been to 42 Pandora shows –
“She still manages to surprise me on stage”

Janne Pietikäinen has seen over 100 nineties Eurodance artists live, and Pandora, as the pioneer of her genre, is one of the artists he has seen the most. By the end of 2022, Janne had seen 42 Pandora shows.

– What I love about them is that they are never the same. They are also good vibe gigs, and the audience seems to respect her on a whole different level.

Janne explains how sometimes at gigs drunk people may behave inappropriately towards the artist, but he has never seen that happening at Pandora shows.

– I think the Finnish audience has embraced her as “our own Anneli” and the mutual respect shows, Janne believes.

“She sang ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ by AC/DC”

Janne experienced his first Pandora show with a group of friends in 2008.

– It happened in a bar called Giggling Marlin. We gathered there with Katkerat Vanhat Piiat ry (transl. Bitter Spinsters Association). I actually met many of my closest friends for the first time that night. It was an intimate gig and Pandora even performed among the audience, and I think she sang You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC that evening.

42 gigs would all have a story to tell. For Janne, the most memorable ones usually contain some kind of surprises.

– She still manages to surprise me on stage. For example, it was a huge surprise when I saw M Fuse for the first time in 2016. That one came out of the blue. It’s also always exciting to hear a rare song on a setlist. Once in Tahko, I was blown away when You’ll Always Be the Love of My Life started. And I like how she updates the remixes of her biggest hits every now and then.

In the past, Pandora used to give out a pair of Trust Me boxers to a male member in the audience.

– I got the boxers in 2010. I have only worn them on gigs and other special occasions.

At the gigs Janne always sings passionately along.

– I feel sorry for those who are next to me and try to film something. Well, if I see someone taking a video, I might try to stay quiet for a while, Janne laughs.

“Mikko’s role has grown tremendously”

Janne has seen Pandora on stage with different DJs and live bands.

– One of my favorite shows has to be We Love the 90’s –festival gig in Helsinki where she performed with a violinist and two break-dancers who also carried her in the air.

The first time Janne saw Mikko Peltonen aka DJ Mike Oh on a Pandora gig happened in Kuopio back in 2014.

– The first gigs with Mikko felt like introducing your new partner to the family for the first time. She found love in Pori, and she wanted everyone to know.

Over the years Mikko has stepped out of the DJ booth more regularly.

– Mikko’s role has grown tremendously. These days he is rapping like he’s always been on stage.
I also enjoy their synchronized movements and the “belly jump” when they jump and their bellies touch. They are a great team.

“It would be nice to see her doing Pride shows”

Seeing Pandora live so many times helped Janne to recognize the Queen of Eurodance when she was hiding behind the Peacock mask on the Masked Singer Suomi.

– I recognized her of the way she flipped her cape. I messaged her immediately, but of course she could not reply back to me then. I should have known since I have my own dark reality tv-show past, Janne laughs.

In 2011 Janne participated in a Finnish reality show called Maajussille Morsian that is based on the British format Farmer Wants a Wife. He, however, was looking for a husband.

– I didn’t find anyone interesting, but my love for the 90’s music was featured on the show. I actually remember someone commenting online how they were tired of me always talking about Pandora, Janne laughs.

The production company even wanted to film some footage from a Pandora gig.

– Unfortunately, I got sick during that time, but Pandora’s music did play in one scene.

Janne has seen Pandora twice in Sweden and the other gigs have been either bigger 90’s festivals in Finland or venues close to his home.

– I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us for the anniversary year. Since Pandora is definitely one of the leading gay icons from the 90’s genre, it would be nice to see her doing Pride shows also, and by the way, Mr. Right would have an enormous potential as a wedding song. Just saying, Janne smiles.

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In 2013, Pandora celebrated 20 years in the music industry. Janne saw the Queen of Eurodance in Lahti.

Janne and Pandora at Liekkirock back in 2012.

Janne & Pandora at Himos areena in January 2014.

Janne and his friends Sari & Pauli took a group picture with Pandora, DJ Mike Oh and Matthews Green at Jysäri in 2019.

Janne aka Jandora paid tribute to Pandora’s Changes album as a birthday surprise to Pandora. Later, at a Meet & Greet event he had a chance to re-do the Changes pose together with Pandora.