Varberg, Sweden
First Pandora gig: Medborgarhuset in Säffle Sweden in 1995.
Favorite Pandora songs: Tell the World, Rely, My Own Way, No Regrets, On a Night Like This.
Biggest wish as a fan: to see Pandora back on Melodifestivalen.

Christian is a long-term Pandora fan – “She is the best female singer Sweden has ever had”

Christian Räsänen is proud to call himself a long-term Pandora fan.

– She is the best female singer Sweden has ever had. What sets Pandora apart from the other artists is her whole personality. She is, like her song says, one of a kind, Christian Räsänen describes.

Christian discovered Pandora in early 1995 when they showed Tell the World music video on a Swedish morning show Nyhetsmorgon on TV4.

– The song was special and Pandora’s voice was something extraordinary. I immediately became a fan. What made her music stood out for me was the mix of awesome Eurodance beat with very beautiful ballads such as Rely and Something’s Gone.

“I was so excited to see her live for the first time”

It didn’t take long until Christian got to see Pandora live for the first time.

– It was in April 1995. She had a gig in a nightclub called Kullaberg in Överlida. I was so excited and curious to see her live for the first time.

The gig met Christian’s expectations and made him even a bigger fan.

– It was just as great as I thought it would be. I especially remember her Rely performance at the end of the gig. That gave me goosebumps.

The first time Christian met Pandora in person happened in a town called Säffle.

– It was October 21st in 1995. Pandora had a gig at the Medborgarhuset. The staff member from the venue told me and my twin brother Billy that Pandora and her band stayed at the same hotel as we did. I can’t even describe how excited and nervous I got.

After the show the boys left directly to the hotel, and Pandora and the band arrived later on.

– We went to talk to them and took some pictures. I told Pandora that I was a member of her fan club. She was just as kind as I had hoped for. Since then, I have met Anneli somewhere between 15–20 times throughout the years. The way she takes her time with the fans means so much.

“The best there was, is, and will ever be”

In October 2022, Christian was happily surprised to see Pandora performing Trust Me on Swedish Idol.

– It was so much fun to see her on Swedish TV. I would actually love to see her back on Melodifestivalen again with a dance pop song. In 2003, when Pandora participated with the song You, I was there supporting her in Gothenburg with my twin brother. It was so cool to experience the performance live at the arena.

In the same month, Christian also got to see Pandora’s homecoming gig at O’Learys in Västerås.

– The atmosphere was totally amazing. It was very emotional to see her in the town where she first stepped into music. After the gig, me and Billy got invited to the backstage, and we got to talk with Anneli and Mikko for over an hour. That was so special.

Christian is really looking forward to the Vi Som Älskar 90-talet –tour in 2023.

– I am going to Gothenburg in July. I have attended on this tour six times since 2015, and I have seen Pandora there twice. It’s so great to have her in the line-up. I am a true 90’s Eurodance fan, but in my opinion, Pandora is the best there was, is, and will ever be in her genre.

Christian met Pandora for the first time in October 1995 after a gig in Säffle.

Christian was supporting Pandora in Gothenburg when she participated in Melodifestivalen with the song You.

Christian (on the right) and his twin brother Billy were invited to the backstage after Pandora’s show in Västerås in October 2022.