She’s had the music with her since the day she was born, Anneli ”Pandora” Magnusson, and there was never really any doubt that this girl, from the small village outside of Västerås, would be aiming for working with music in some way.

If you would have asked her, she would have suggested something like soft pop, singer/songwriter or country, but fate wanted something else for her. Three young men in her hometown was looking for a girl to sing their melodic dance music. Someone with a voice full of attitude. They turned to the teachers at Carlforsska music college, who, without any hesitation, told them to talk to Anneli.

The talking turned into demo recordings that turned into regular studio work and before she knew what had happened, she had recorded a whole album. And had been given an artist name: Pandora, a name she pretty soon added as an official first name. Therefor it was a 23 year old girl listening to the name Karin Anneli Catarina Pandora Magnusson that released her first single, “Trust Me”, in October 1993.

No one could even have guessed what would happen after that. She hit the top 5 of the Swedish charts right away, became someone everyone knew of and was talking about, was seen in any possible kind of media, made the headlines for just about anything she would say, went touring and was taking a lot of negativity from the press critics. After releasing “Tell The World”, the sequel of her debut album “One Of A Kind”, one of the newspapers wrote about it (under the headline “Untalented blond with no style”) that “Pandora is nothing but yet another lame artist that without any artistic will or style temporarily have forced her Euro-kitten (the actual word used in Swedish was euro-kisse which there’s not really any proper way of translating, editor’s remark) on to the eurodisco altar. Tomorrow no one will remember her.”


12 studio albums, 6 million records sold all over the world, numerous hits on charts everywhere, 20 gold and platinum awards and world tours all speaks for itself. Pandora became one of Sweden’s most important musical exports ever and she’s still one of the best selling Swedish solo acts of all times. Especially in Japan, where she became a superstar after selling gold and platinum with every album release. The same thing happened in other countries, like Australia for example, where she sold 400 000 copies of one single alone and was honoured with modelling for a special Pandora Barbie doll!

In the early 2000’s she competed in the Swedish Melodifestivalen on two occasions, but during that period she also recieved a terrible personal blow, as it turned out her husband and business partner at the time had severely mismanaged the economy of the company. Many years of court processing followed and although her ex-husband admitted to being the guilty part, she was convicted and had to do 100 hours of community service, because she was the only boardmember of the company.

Anneli Magnusson kept fighting with the aim to build up herself as well as her career again. And she did it, not the least thanks to the album “United DJ’s vs. Pandora”, that was released in 2007 and where she let famous dj’s make completely new and updated versions of the hit songs from her two first albums.

Since 2007, Pandora has been touring more or less nonstop, especially in Finland, where she has always been a big star and has had a strong fan base.

As late as in 2102 Pandora had a new mega hit with ”Drottningen av Åland”. That’s a song she was asked by Radio X3M to take part in as an anti-racist campaign by the Finnish RADIO YLE. The song, that she also co-wrote, was one of the most played radiosongs that year and was also voted as Song of the year, which gave her a new award to hang on her office wall.


Lately, she’s started giving lectures, where she tells her amazing story, both with depth and also a lot of humor. She mixes the storytelling with showing unique pictures and videos. She emphazies her story by performing selected songs live with the help of her acoustic guitar. Although the lectures are something she’s still pretty new to, she has already received an enormous amount of positive respons and words. She has a strong lifestory that is important as well as exciting to tell, and by the look of the audience I know, noone leaves the room unaffected.